The aim of Intrepid travelling is to inspire people, young and old, to travel intrepidly. To forget the expensive tour packages and travel following your own itinerary. To give you confidence that you can travel and live like a local in strange and foreign lands. You'll meet friendly and curious strangers along the way that will add richness to everyday which will make your jouney far more rewarding and fulfilling.

I hope through reading about my intrepid travel experiences you too will want to leave the beaten track and realise it's not only possible, but relatively easy and cheap to organise your own travel adventures. I hope to provided you with travel ideas and recommendations that you too will strive to experience.

Travelling relying on your own wits is not just liberating, you get the opportunity to learn more about yourself and develop invaluable skills when you're out of your comfort zone. After all, to travel intrepidly is to take a journey into yourself.

About Me

Hi there, my name is Travis, I originally started the Intrepid Travelling website to share my travel experiences with my friends and family; so they could stay abreast of where I was and what my latest adventure was! I am sharing those experiences with the rest of the world to hopefully inspire others to make their own intrepid trip, making the world just that bit smaller through connecting and learning about other peoples cultures.

I have been lucky to have travelled since a young age, and after a particular trip I made to Europe in 2007, I realised there are so many amazing places I'd love to see in the world, and if I don't leave my job now and go travel, I may never. So at the beginning of 2008 I set off on a journey around the world for nearly 3 years. I have continued to travel intrepidly ever since between periods of work and study, visiting 55 incredible countries in the process, but there are so many more adventures to be had!


Simply visit the Contact page with any questions or comments you might have. I enjoy reading them and even though I don't always have time to reply them all, the feedback is considered and appreciated!