Eastern Europe is a loose term, but in general it refers to the eastern half of the European continent which is geographically, politically and culturally diverse. It is commonly considered that countries east of the German-Poland border (to the Ural & Caucasus Mountains) including the former Yugoslavian states, are considered to be part of modern day Eastern Europe. Travelling Eastern Europe is an intrepid travellers dream come true as it's a region that has a deep and ancient history, is culturally diverse, is relative untouched with mind blowing scenery. 

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not a large country but has a rich and eventful history. From time immemorial Czechs, Germans, Jews and Slovaks, as well as Italian stonemasons and stucco... Read more >>


Located in Central Europe, Poland has a long history and is rich in traditions but is best known for its wholesome cuisine, medieval architecture, considerable natural beauty and ties to the... Read more >>


In recent times Greece may have been making headlines in the financial news, but it’s still a favourite with intrepid travellers and as a family retreat. Its not hard to see why either... Read more >>


Slovenia was once part of Yogoslavia, but managed to avoid much of the trouble that ensued at the end of the Yugoslavic Republic, so Slovenia has transformed quickly into a... Read more >>