Wales is one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom. Rich in history and natural beauty, Wales has a living Celtic culture distinct to the rest of the UK. Travelers are attracted to Wales because of its beautiful landscape, including the mountains and coast of its stunning national parks, the wealth of history and large number of imposing castles.

Lying on a mountainous western peninsula of the island of Great Britain, Wales is bordered to the east by England, the Republic of Ireland sits to the west across the Irish Sea, while the West Country of Devon and Cornwall is directly south across the Bristol Channel/Celtic Sea. Only two hours from London but with less than a third of that city's population, to enter Wales from its crowded eastern neighbour is most certainly to enter another country, although it does share many similarities - and good looks - with its Celtic neighbours of Devon, Cornwall, Ireland and Brittany - Wikitravel.

Any trip to Wales needs to include visit the remarkable Conwy, Cardiff, Hiking in the Brecon Beacons (or to the summit of Snowdon), exploring Aberystwyth, visiting the romantic Carreg Cennen Castle and be sure to make sure your GPS routes you through The Valleys!

Wales on a Shoestring

The following pictures are mostly from a road trip around Wales, the highlight being climbing Pen-y-fan and Snowdon. Hopefully they will inspire you to do something similar!