Officially known as the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Laos is a landlocked country in central Southeast Asia that shares its borders with 5 other countries. For the most part Laos is a jungle covered mountainous country with the meandering Mekong leading to fertile plains. Long forgotten by the world due to its isolation after the devastating effects of war, Laos is bouncing back well with millions of intrepid travellers now venturing to experience the laid-back lifestyle, tubing in Vang Vieng, exploring the Plain of Jars, visit the numerous Buddist stupas and enjoy one of Southeast Asia’s hidden gems.

If you manage to find your way through the winding mountainous roads to Luang Prabang in the countries north, you’ll be rewarded with an intrepid experience of an untouched paradise complete with stunning colonial architecture, saffron-robed monks queuing at the break of dawn accepting alms and even elephant rides through the jungle!

Lao’s Luang Prabang Intrepidly

Travelling overland from Chang Mai in the north of Thailand to the Lao’s border town of Chiang Khong took 6 hour by bus. While aboard the bus I befriended a Dutch girl by the name... Read more >>

Lao’s Historic Plain of Jars

Not far from the geographical center of Laos, I had made the journey (by local bus from Luang Prabang) to Phonsavan, a relatively backwater town, for one reason – to visit the mysterious... Read more >>

Lao’s Vang Vieng River Tubing and Capital Vientiane

The next destination on my travels through Laos was Vang Vieng. The bus ride through the mountains of central Lao’s from Luang Prabang proved to be the worse of the Laos bus rides so... Read more >>