China is a huge country with the world’s largest population and throughout the roughly 5000-years of Chinese civilization, it has endured through millennia of tumultuous upheaval and revolutions, golden ages and periods of anarchy. Through the recent economic boom initiated by the reforms of Deng Xiaoping, China is once again one of the leading nations in the world, buoyed by its large, industrious population and abundant natural resources. The depth and complexity of the Chinese civilization, with its rich heritage, has fascinated Westerners such as Marco Polo through the Silk Road, and will continue to excite and bewilder the intrepid traveler today - Wikitravel.

An intrepid journey through China is easier than you might imagine, it’s possible to use the local bus and train network and stay at hostels and guesthouses where ever you find yourself. English isn’t widespread but you’ll meet young people on a daily basis who stop you and want to practice as solo travellers are still rare outside the major centers. China has been one of my favourite destinations as it far exceeded my expectations!

Beijings Top Attractions

As my epic intrepid adventure along the Trans-Mongolian Railway reached its end by arriving in Beijing, a new adventure would begin; a month exploring the Mighty Dragon. Beijing is... Read more >>

The Walled Ancient City of Xian & Terracotta Warriors

Xi’an in Central China is a city of some eight million souls and one of the oldest cities in China. Xi’an is the former home to 73 former emperors... Read more >>

Cruising China's Yangtze to the Three Gorges Dam

Chongqing, another of China’s massive cities, is located where the Jialing River meets the Yangtze River (at 6,400km it happens to be the world’s... Read more >>

Intrepid Sleeper Journey to Chongqing

Chongqing lies at the convergence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers (where I would start my Yangtze cruise to the Three Gorges Dam) and is 800km and 16 hours by overnight train from Xi’an... Read more >>

Southern China's Tourist Mecca  - Gulin & Yangshuo

After completing my voyage down the Yangtze River to see the World’s largest hydroelectric dam – The Three Gorges Dam - I bused down to Wuhan which also lies on the Yangtze. There... Read more >>

Dali and Final Thoughts and Hints about Intrepid Travelling in China

Another day and another epic train journey, this time from Guilin in Guangxi province to Dali in the far west of southern China’s mountainous Yunnan province; the 1,300km journey would be... Read more >>