The Sabah region of the island of Borneo (the third largest in the world) is an intrepid destination few get to visit. Popular with those who crave the experience of visiting tropical forests, and the rich diversity of flora and fauna they inevitable contains.  You may have heard reports of deforestation and conversion of large swaths of jungle to oil palm plantations you need not worry as large tracks of jungle still exist. From Sabah’s urban center on the east coast you can plan magical river journeys deep into the jungle to catch a glimpse of a wild orangutan in the jungles canopy, or forest elephants grazing along the banks maybe even some of the local tribes that still exist deep in the jungle. There’s also the popular hike to the summit of Mount kinabalu high above the jungle where the clouds stretch out below you towards an unforgettable sunrise.

Exploring Borneo’s Northern Province of Sabah, Home of Mt Kinabalu

Disembarked, Singaporean customs cleared, land legs firmly back on from our twenty day container ship voyage I would look forward to ten days in Borneo’s Northern Province of... Read more >>