Germany (Deutschland to the locals) is one of the largest countries in Europe and officially a federation of 16 states, each with their own flavor and unique culture. Needless to say, Germany has had a tumultuous recent history, but since reunification in 1989 has undergone somewhat of a resurgence to become one of the most interesting countries to visit with over 35 million visiting in 2014, making it the 7th most popular destination; even ahead of the United Kingdom! The country is blessed with spectacular scenery, especially in the rugged southern regions, dotted with castles and medieval churches, timeless historical villages not to mention some of the best cities to visit in Europe – Munich and Berlin come to mind!

Berlin’s Cultural and Historical Attractions

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A Day in the Capital of Saxony, the Historical Dresden

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A Guide for your Trip to the Munich Oktoberfest - Hints, Tips and Advice

The Munich Oktoberfest is held over 16 to 18 days in the final weeks of September and early October and is regarded as the largest beer fest in the world, attracting up to 6 million visitors annually... Read more >>