Ship Voyages


Cruising China's Yangtze to the Three Gorges Dam

Chongqing, another of China’s massive cities, is located where the Jialing River meets the Yangtze River (at 6,400km it happens to be the world’s... Read more >>

All Aboard the Container Ship M/V Hanjin Brussels – an Intrepid Voyage

Ahoy me maties.  Ever since I became interested in ships and shipping at my first professional job as an Export Logistics Planner, I had wanted to spend some time at sea aboard a merchant... Read more >>

Life Aboard a Container Ship Voyage and Transiting the Suez Canal

In case you were not aware, the Suez Canal is a 161km long artificial passageway through the Egyptian desert, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea between Port... Read more >>

Container Ship Voyage Engine Room and Transiting the Infamous Pirate Alley

Having just successfully navigated the Suez Canal, we asked during a quiet period as we steamed along the Red Sea, whether we could be shown the engine room. The engine room is... Read more >>

Container Ship Voyage Scenes, Final Days and Reflections

Our containership voyage was set to take nearly 3 weeks to complete, so I thought for sure we’d see some wild weather along the way as we crossed the Mediterranean Sea or the Indian Ocean... Read more >>

Tromso and the Midnight Sun aboard Hurtigruten’s Polarlys

Have you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights? The midnight sun? To see Norway and Europe’s most northerly point - Nordkapp? Or wanted to explore the northern coastline of... Read more >>


 Train Journeys


Eastwards via Train from Poland to Moscow

Getting a travel visa for Russia is fairly straight forward, but will require a visit to their embassy after obtaining an invitation letter (which is fairly straight forward as you can arrange them on the... Read more >>

Trans-Mongolia Railway Journey Across Mother Russia

I had arrived into Moscow with the ambition of eventually riding the Trans-Mongolian Railway east to Beijing, however I decided not to pre-arrange tickets with a booking agent as I believed... Read more >>

The Worlds Largest Freshwater Lake, Russia’s Lake Baikal

I had made my way to one of the largest cities in Siberia, Irkutsk, by travelling east along the Trans-Mongolian Railway (upto this point it’s the same railway as the Trans-Siberian railway too... Read more >>

Destination Beijing via the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Once I had returned from exploring Mongolia’s Gorkhi Terelj National Park and UlaanBaatar I would take my 4th and final Trans-Mongolian train, Beijing was a mere 27 hours and 7 minutes... Read more >>