Bangkok is an enormous modern city that is alive with nightlife and energy. It is Thailand's spiritual, cultural, political, commercial, educational and diplomatic centre. Many intrepid travellers may initially be put off by the sterile high-rise buildings of the city center, the hectic traffic, stifling humidity and mischievous nightlife, but don't let that deceive you. Bangkok is one of Asia's most cosmopolitan and open cities with glorious temples and palaces, canals, bustling markets and a vibrant nightlife especially Khao San Rd for intrepid travellers! Almost anything goes in Bangkok, from ‘boom boom’, buying fake passports to the ping pong shows… 

Khao San Rd is a small road in the historical center of Bangkok near the river Chao Phraya and the Grand Palace. It is arguably the world capital for backpackers and intrepid travellers as backpackers from across the globe a drawn here for the cheap accommodation, bars, shops and nightlife. Any self respecting traveller to South East Asia needs to visit Khao San Rd at least once, and it’s likely any trip will pass through Bangkok so this is easily achievable.

When you are exploring the city you’ll no doubt visit, or pass-by, the opulent Grand Palace at which point you’ll realize that the Kingdom of Thailand sure does embrace its monarchy, as in Bangkok the king’s image is at almost every turn. From what I was told by the locals he’s a great guy, but if I say anything else I might get in serious trouble as there are strict laws around defaming the royals.  The current king, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), is actually the world’s longest reigning monarch, having been king of Siam for over 60 years.

There are a number of activities and attractions while visiting Bangkok to experience, such as visiting the ping pong shows of entertainment district of Patpong, the Chatuchak Market is well worth the visit and consider taking a Tuk Tuk tour by Tuk Tuk which is one of the symbols of Bangkok! There really is no better way to discover Bangkok than by weaving and diving around traffic and through the streets in the iconic three wheeled vehicles.

You may notice that there are actually a lot of white guys walking around with their Thai girls in busy cities like Bangkok, another popular place you’ll see this is the coastal town of Pattaya.  To my travel buddies, James and Bevan, thanks a million for coming to South East Asia and giving me the opportunity to spend a month traveling with you guys.  It was definitely a nice change from solo traveling!

Thirty, or so, words that sum up our time in Cambodia and Bangkok: 30+ degrees, Khmers, rubbish, “you want moto, smoke”?, touts, USD or Riel? Angkor Temples, intricate engravings, Same Same, “Scammer”, Beer Lao, Tuk Tuk? Chang, Pat Thai, Khao San Rd, Ping Pong, happy ending 🙂

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