Russia is by far the world’s largest nation, despite straddling the divide between Europe and Asia, European Russia east of the Urals is still the largest country in Europe! With such geographic vastness, comes a diverse land covering a staggering 1/8th of earth’s inhabited surface area. While independent travel is relatively more difficult than visiting most other countries due to the visa process and lingering bureaucracy, according to some it is getting easier all the time.

Those intrepid adventures who make it to Russia will be rewarded with all things Russian – world-class ballet, refreshing banya, vodka-fueled nightlife! Beyond the popular Moscow and St Petersburg enclaves you will also discover a different Russia of the rural village life, but also the share vastness and distinct beauty of the Russian taiga as you venture across the continent aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway. Be sure to stop in Irkutsk and check out the worlds deepest lake enroute - the stunning Lake Baikal.

Eastwards via Train from Poland to Moscow

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Trans-Mongolia Railway Journey Across Mother Russia

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The Worlds Largest Freshwater Lake, Russia’s Lake Baikal

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