Quite amazingly, Sweden is twice the size of the United Kingdom, yet has less than 10 million inhabitants so the mere mention of Sweden invokes thoughts of IKEA, ABBA, Spotify, SAAB and Volvo but should also bring to mind sailing to rocky islands of the Stockholm archipelago, reindeer, wide open pine covered wilderness, lakes (lots of lakes) and snow-covered peaks. Not to mention the midnight sun in the high arctic or the aurora borealis!

Swedish life is a relaxed easygoing existence where their style is to be modest, practical and where homes are cleverly designed as form and function are highly prized. A liberal attitude to most aspects of life, the result of their open and straight forward manner is evident in any interaction you may have while experiencing Sweden. 

It isn’t just the cities and beaches of the south you should experience, for the intrepid traveller venturing to the far north during summer to hike the Kungsleden or experience the midnight sun are a must. If visiting during the winter, the Jokkmokk Marknad has been continuously held for over 410 years and is one of the most popular annual gatherings for the indigenous Sami , and while you’re high in the arctic, you might catch the aurora borealis while visiting the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel or dog sledding in Abisko.

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