Once my time in Penang had come to an end, I left on an overnight bus bound for Singapore the island city-state off southern Malaysia which is a regional global financial centre with a tropical climate and multicultural population. I arrived early on Christmas day with no real plan, however a quick call to Anna (one of my sister’s friends), and I found myself enjoying an amazing Christmas spread with a bunch of other expat orphans in an equally impressive apartment with a fantastic view. The drinks when on into the evening and before I knew it I had accepted an offer to join them on a trip to the Indonesian Resort Island of Bintan, an hour's ferry ride away, the next day.

Bintan is a relatively short ferry ride across the Singapore Strait where we would stay at a resort which was putting on a Boxing Day party that was meant to start at 2300hrs, we arrived a little early before everyone else turned up, but they opened the bar so we were set from then on. Shortly after we would be dancing and giving the 'sexy dancers' a run for their money.

While on the beach we’d see these tiny crabs (with motion sensitive sight, as I would discover) working right to left sifting through the sand, making it into a ball then putting it behind him, kind of crazy. Next day it was time to finally thank and say goodbye to Anna and the gang as I had still to see much of Singapore.  Thanks again Anna, and Courtney for putting me on to her, your hospitality was greatly appreciated.  Thank the rest of the gang too, and wish them the best from me.

Singapore City reminds me of those new and immaculate residential subdivisions, where not even a stone is out of place.  By all accounts, from the local expat community I met (except some guy named Paul), it's a great city to live and work in, and why not when you're paying 11% tax.  Singapore has an eclectic street fare, served in hawker centres such as Tiong Bahru and Maxwell Road. There is also a thriving Little India which offers colorful souvenirs, Chinatown and the colourful Arab Quarter which is lined with fabric and textile shops. All these areas existing harmoniously together is evidence of its multicultural nature.

Just south of the city, connected by a causeway is Sentosa Island which has a theme park and man-made beaches which makes it a popular destination. It is also considered the southern-most point of Continental Asia, which meant I had travelled from Kerkenes in the far north of Norway near the Russian border to this point by train, bus and boat over the course of five months, a distance of some 35,000km!

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