When I arrived into Oslo, Norway’s capital, by plane on a warm summers evening I instantly got excited; a different language, scenery, warm air and blondes instead of redheads! I would meet a couple of ‘lads’ from Ireland at the hostel on the second day; over the next few days we d explore Oslo together.

One of the major attractions not just in Oslo, but also Norway, is Vigeland Park which is the world's largest sculpture park. It has an overtly sexual theme… A 10 minute walk away from Vigeland Park is the Royal Palace where if you’re lucky you can watch the changing of the guards and get photos with them.

At the Fram Museum we would learn all about Norway’s explorer Fridtjof Nansen and his famous Arctic vessel the Fram (120 years old). The Fram is a ship used in expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic, most notably spending 3 years trapped in ice crossing the Arctic ice cap between 1893 – 1896. This was a deliberate attempt to prove that the ice sheet was not stationary but migrates over time.

Another site you definitely need to visit while in Oslo, is to make your way to the suburb of Bygdøy and visit the Viking Ship Museum. It’s a really interesting visit to learn about Norway’s cultural heritage. Inside the Viking Ship Museum you will discover the remarkable center piece of their display; the Oseberg ship. The Oseberg ship is a preserved Viking ship recovered from a large burial mound which is believed to be 800 years old burial and is the finest remaining artifact that has survived since the Viking Age.

The ‘Irish lads’ and I then took the Oslo to Bergen train known as the ‘Bergen Line’ and is considered one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world! Incidentally it also crosses one of Europe’s highest mountain plateaus (the Hardangervidda plateau) meaning its Europe’s highest train line’s!  Despite cloud for most of the 7 hour jouney, there were clear patches which made it all the worthwhile as we caught glimpses of some incredible scenery.

There 4 departures each day from Oslo and Bergen and you can book tickets from the NSB site, but try to book as early as possible as there are some great deals if you book well ahead of time.

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