Founded nearly 2000 years as a Roman Fort at one end of Hadrian’s Wall (a ruin that has been uncovered and excavated at Segedunum), Newcastle is an important port city for the north of England and was the center of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th century. Today Newcastle is more known as a center of nightlife (it is considered one of the top destinations in the UK for Hen and Stag nights) art, music and home to the Newcastle United football team.

The city also houses some of the most spectacular examples of Georgian architecture to be found in Europe, something you’ll notice when visiting or hitting the town in the evening visiting some of the 200 bars. There are also numerous bridges that have received worldwide acclaim for their construction and aesthetic beauty.

While I was exploring the surrounding area near the center of town I found it rather curious that there is field in the middle of town, complete with cows, not far from the Newcastle United Stadium.  Be sure to also check out 12th century ‘Castle’ called Castle Keep that gives the city its name which is located on Castle Garth.

I originally came to Newcastle during a trip through the north of the United Kingdom, I have since been back to Newcastle as I completed the Hadrian’s Wall hike by reaching Wallsend the terminus for the ancient wall just east of the city center down the river Tyne. Finally, as any visitor to Newcastle will realize after interacting with the locals or watching one of the reality TV shows, the region is home to the Geordie culture and their particular vernacular.

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